Exposure Control Plan and OSHA Compliance Package for Acupuncture Clinics

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The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that employers act to protect employees from foreseeable hazards in the workplace.

For example, employers must provide appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at no cost to the employee, label hazards correctly, provide Hepatitis B vaccinations and free medical evaluations and follow-up in the event of an exposure or accident. Healthcare providers are at a recognized increased risk of workplace violence, and employers must take steps to minimize these risks.

Employers must also provide an Emergency Action Plan. An EAP describes what steps to take during different types of emergencies to reduce the likelihood of injuries.  Every employee should be trained on the plan and know their individual responsibilities.
Employees can request an OSHA inspection of the workplace if they believe there are unsafe or unhealthy conditions. OSHA can charge a business up to $12,675 a day per violation. However, having written policies and procedures and documentation of employee training can reduce the likelihood of a fine.

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